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What are you doing on Monday?

Usually we reserve that question for the weekend. “Hey what are you doing this weekend?” or “What are you doing Saturday?”. Ever notice we form plans of action for the weekend in our free time between (or maybe at) work. Is work where we go to spend our time but weekends is where we spend our life? Ironically most of us spend weekdays working and reacting without a heck of a lot of planning while, in detailed fashion, we very carefully organize and plan actions for the weekend to actually live our life. If you want to go to the beach Saturday, you plan it and it you do it. A ballgame? You execute a plan to get tickets, coordinate times with your friends, and be sure you are on the road in time to get a beer and a dog before batting practice. We action what is important to us.

Often during the week we constantly react without much of a plan. It’s all rote. We rush to work, check emails, get pulled into someone else’s crisis, and realize nothing you intended to do today was getting done.  Then we sit in traffic and hope to be on time to pick up the kids so you can run them over to practice. By the time you get home all you can do is grab a quick (and probably unhealthy meal) and binge watch Netflix.

What does this have to do with fitness and a healthy lifestyle? Like anything important it, like your weekend, needs to be planned and actioned as a living part of your life. Health is a priority, probably the biggest one you have. So is “getting to the gym” a plan, one that we action regularly. Do we ensure that, above all, we are able to get a solid workout in several times a week? Do we plan our fitness as carefully as our trip to the beach? Or is it in the laundry list of activities that we routinely drop from our day because we didn’t have it properly planned and didn’t take action.

We need actions in our life to ensure we get things done and reach our goals. Some we do to ensure our financial well being. Some we do to ensure our children have a proper education. Some we do to progress our career. And some we do to have a little R&R over the weekend.

But we also need to take care of ourselves, and that doesn’t happen without a plan, without action. Want to drop a few pounds? You need a plan. Run a 5K. Yup, plan. Look good for that beach weekend? Definitely a plan. Be able to run the bases with your grandchildren? You better action that one now, before father time relegates you to the sidelines.

So what are you doing on Monday?

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